Integrated Ecommerce Software

Whether your Ecommerce strategy is B2B or B2C - You need to be a lean-mean fighting machine. Today's consumer's and retailer's expect 24-hour turn around, great customer service, and available inventory. Meet and exceed the challenges with our ERP

ecommerce software

Selling Directly to your Customers with Ecommerce B2B

Our ERP Ecommerce software provides you a means to automate your order management process and also provides a host of other benefits to your company. Everything is real time, no API's needed. Imagine your customers, dealers, or distributors seeing both their online and offline orders in one place, managing their orders, budgets, seeing their pricing and seeking inventory from your ERP warehouse control system.

Selling Directly to the Consumer with Ecommerce B2C

Our ERP can handle multiple marketplace listing automation, order fulfillment, inventory control, order management with an efficient order to cash process to ensure meeting today’s consumer demands. Our ERP Ecommerce software completes the order process with connectivity to shipping systems and updating shipment tracking information to multiple marketplaces.


Our software plays well with Amazon & eBay connected to Ship Station, Ship Works. and eBay sets the standard for providing an exceptional e-commerce experience and today’s online shopper expects an Amazon-like experience whether they are shopping for business or pleasure. To remain relevant, our Ecommerce software employs listing automation, order fulfillment, order processing and inventory control.

An Overall Ecommerce Customer Relationship Tool

Our ERP Ecommerce provides an exceptional opportunity for the wholesale distributor to improve its customer service initiatives. Our ERP Ecommerce provides access to self-serve portals with account, order, history and tracking information. Through integration with OMS it forms a robust e-commerce site that can display customer specific products, services and pricing based on customer log in credentials.