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Sales Advantages

Process Sales Orders for Virtually Any Product From Order Entry Through Invoicing.

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  • Support multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses for any given customer

  • Customer agreements can be used to manage special pricing arrangements and discounting schemes

  • Supports the allocation of inventory to Sales Order Line Items

  • Allows for straight-forward yet sophisticated product pricing and discount options for numerous pricing schemes as needed in today's market place

  • Provides the ability to create purchase orders from sales orders and providing the capability to drop ship these purchase orders directly to the customer or to bring the goods directly into the company‚Äôs main warehouse or distribution center

  • Provide item usage history for every product movement which can be utilized to set policy.

  • Easily manage credit checks by providing various selections as well as user options where credit checks are performed

Build Your Business Through OMS

OMS's ERP software for Wholesale Distributors enables companies to efficiently manage all aspects of the Supply Chain from first customer contact through final shipping and returns. OMS provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that include Purchasing, Warehousing, Sales, Shipping and Customer Service. Inventory can be identified by Location Id, Location Number, and optionally by Lot and Serial Number. In addition, Inventory can also be segregated by warehouses. Inventory can be easily transferred between locations. Full cycle count reporting promotes inventory accuracy. Complete audit trails are created for all Inventory transactions and all financial information is integrated with accounting. OMA also retains historical data by Product, by Customer, along with other attributes, providing data for business analytics and forecasting.

Being Mobile

Boost your communications, management capability, and sales team performance with the iOMS for Apple or ANDROID devices. Use realtime OMS Mobile Apps integration and Smartphone synchronization. View customer activities, inventory, history, generate realtime orders anytime, anywhere.

Track Your Sales Teams Bookings

Achieve long-term improvements and effective sales management by tracking your sales teams bookings over a rolling 8-week interval. Measure sales against bookings to hold the team accountable. Review and analyze sales rep sales margins, calculate commissions, control discounting and more.

Clear the Way for B2B and B2C Sales

Significantly boost and promote sales via the Internet with realtime ecommerce. Sell new products, closeouts, specials, ignite promotional sales. Interactive product showcase with an integrated shopping cart sends all orders realtime to the OMS Enterprise business software back office. Ignite a sales rep portal for customer relationship management, promote higher levels of customer service across the board. Integrate ecommerce to social media and promote brands. Don't just build a web site, build your business!

top Manage Your Customer Base

Through a sales rep profile, identify customers assigned to sales reps so when accessing the OMS Enterprise business software the sales teams work exclusively with the customers assigned to them. Explore customer history, track customer profitability and more...

Run And Monitor Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales activities and results are easily managed in the OMS Enterprise business software. Measure multiple seasons, see which customers are growing. Track your available products and reserve inventory for big box retailers.

Always Be EDI Ready

Never tell a retail store chain system you are not EDI ready. With the OMS Enterprise business software you can trade with any major retailer in a matter of days and weeks and you can be completely compliant. Do not fear chargebacks for non-compliance, OMS is EDI ready.

Fully Embrace Your Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship Management is at the heart of business performance and execution. Understanding your customers buying patterns provides for improved planning and forecasting. With the OMS Enterprise business software's Customer Relationship Management sidekick, you can easily improve all levels of communication, track current and past customer performance measures, and follow this up with improved sales and increased customer service all leading to retention, repeat orders and referrals.