OMS Retail Drop Shipping from A to Z

Your B2B customers and their buyers are accustomed to the functionality of the best B2C commerce websites. They want to buy through different channels, in the field, at the counter, in the warehouse. They want self-service access to their accounts and orders outside branch hours. Yet many wholesale distributors struggle to meet these needs

We understand the complexity of distribution operations – product sets, customer segments, specialized catalogs, order processes and account management (warehouses and logistics). The OMS web order import for ecommerce solution helps distributors to take a B2C-style approach to commerce, despite the complexity. We help you to save time, avoid redundant efforts, and reduce manual processes.


• increase product penetration
• secure new retail customers
• reduce program costs
• increase sales
• exchange inventory multiple times per day
• ensure order fulfillment
• import orders automatically
• send tracking information
• use business intelligence to track success
• drop ship with ease

Enable More Drop Shipping Relationships and Accelerate Growth

One of the biggest challenges for distributors and retailers today is the successful integration of enterprise software when on-boarding to your customers website for drop shipping. With the OMS Drop Ship Data Feed for Retail module, we’ve created an instant infrastructure that makes it easier for small to mid-market distributors to engage in key trading partnerships. In an industry rampant with miscellaneous formats, OMS Enterprise business software provides an easy-to-use tool that will reduce investment costs, enable more drop shipping relationships and accelerate growth.


emaster ecommerce by OMS

OMS gives you a single interface for managing drop shipping relationships with all sizes of retailers with robust automation and integration options in user-friendly interfaces for drop shipping on behalf of your retailers websites. OMS Drop Ship Data Feed for Retail module is a scalable solution for supporting online retail drop shipping of all sizes and types, is an EDI alternative to support automation with newer online retailers into what is happening with drop shipped orders and, cuts the cost of supporting your drop shipping program for different retail customers.