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ERP Business Software

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For decades our ERP has focused exclusively on wholesale distributors providing world-class software

Our advanced distribution software provides full financial control and clear visibility into purchasing, inventory control, sales, CRM, customer service, EDI, warehouse management and fulfillment.

Our powerful, fully-integrated e-commerce platform is a one-stop solution for AMAZON, eBay, Shopify, and more...

Whether your distribution business has one location or multiple warehouses, OMS can help you become more efficient, cut costs, serve your customers better, and grow your sales.

ERP Business Software


  • Manage inventory in multiple warehouses
  • Use wireless scanners to track inventory movement
  • Support for kits, lot tracking, serial numbers, syle/color/size and more
  • Use UPC Codes for each, box, case
  • Allocate orders for immediate processing, reserves & back order control

Sales, & Customer Service

  • Easily locate and obtain status of any customer transaction
  • Drive additional sales to existing customers by mining, filtering and reporting on sales histories
  • Generate sales commissions by payment or payment/profit plans
  • Create alternate items through either a one-way association or two way associaton
  • Deliver outstanding customer service using features with the ability to reorder from past invoices, quotes, or frequently purchased products

e-Commerce & Mobile

  • Provide secure websites for your existing wholesale customers as well as for retail customers
  • B2B & B2C can be launched directly from your corporate website
  • Easily customizable using CSSs to match the “look and feel” of your corporate website
  • Let your wholesale customers log-in at any time to place orders, see the status of their transactions, view their account details and track shipments from point-to-point & more...
  • Allow retail customers to put items in their shopping carts, arrange freight and pay for their items
  • Connect OMS to Amazon API and complete a round trip from order, to drop ship


  • Import all inbound EDI 850 & 860 purchase orders
  • Post sales order by batch, groups and randomly
  • Generate EDI 856 ASN using OMS ASN Wizzard, pack by case, batch pack and assign carton UCC-ID's
  • Generate EDI 810 invoices directly from ASN 856 or use OMS invoice numbers
  • Export ASN 856 & EDI Invoices 810 XML files

  • Includes fully integrated chart of accounts
  • Allows for audit trails and GAAP-compliant financials
  • Manage accounts receivable, accounts payable and bank reconcilations
  • Explore history, sales and profit reporting, ending inventory stock & more...
  • Real-time inventory reporting improves accounting accuracy

iOMS Mobile Solution

  • Be flexible and take orders - Anytime...Anywhere
  • Gain real time inventory visibility. From anywhere.
  • Create orders by scanning or tapping. No more line sheets or paper catalogs.
  • Use mobile ordering. Improve cash flow and accuracy.
  • Enjoy the iOMS intuitive user interface for customer interaction
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Purchasing Optimization

  • Manage all vendor pricing levels
  • Establish minimum stock levels by item, by warehouse to minimize working capital costs
  • Generate purchase orders from sales orders, minimum stock levels & more...
  • Track all inbound shipments while in transit by vesel, container and shipment
  • Scan all inbound purchase order receving
  • Allocate all inbound costs of supply-chain by weight, volume or dollars & generate last landed cost and recalculate rolling weighted average cost

Warehouse Management

  • Use our powerful wireless warehouse management features to improve efficiency
  • Use any device type scanners to improve accuracy and reduce effort in PO Receiving, put away, picking, packing and shipping operations and more
  • Monitor all warehouse worker performance with warehouse management task manager and real time dashboard
  • Automatically synchronize inventory from warehouse management system to OMS