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One System for Your Entire Wholesale/Retail Distribution Business

Are you manufacturer wholesale/retail distributor struggling to manage customer experiences balanced across all customer-facing functions from inventory, sales, ecommerce, finance, fulfillment, service and support? Do you seek a platform that provides consistent enterprise services for data, processes, events, workflows, collaboration, analytics, and so on across customer-facing applications? Then we invite you to explore how OMS is the one system for your entire manufacturer wholesale retail distribution business.


Inventory Control






Warehouse Management

OMS has pre-configured business logic built-in adressing industry-specific solutions for the manufacturer wholesale/retail distributor. OMS' scalability deliveres a path of growth. Customers' play a vital role in the innovation of OMS for it is their own ideas that continuously embraces their ever-changing business demands and needs. OMS represents a great source of combined knowledge and experiences that are inherent to OMS. Don't let software run your business...Run your business with OMS!

Thousands of manufacturer wholesale/retail distributors rely on OMS every day to manage the entire range of their business activities including Inventory Control | Integrated Accounting | eCommerce | EDI | Customer Relationship Management | iOMS Mobile and Manufacturing Software.

When you are needing improved productivity then our fully-integrated OMS Warehouse Management System solves this and much more. The OMS Warehouse Management System delivers significant improvement to profit levels through efficiency of warehouse worker productivity including overall improvements in cost savings and, total inventory control with device and browser independent wireless scanning. Always know where you inventory is located!

Transparency Leads to Competitive Advanatges

The time-tested techniques built into OMS’ business logic can be used successfully to strengthen the relationship within your overall enterprise. You will discover immediately how you can gain much improved levels of transparency and teamwork leading you to preventing wasteful use of your personnel resources and producing an improved profitable competitive advantage. Reach Out to Us and learn more about OMS.

OMS Enterprise Business Software

Lead Your Business Forward as a Modern Distributor

With the OMS Amazon API this is your chance to develop a truly integrated business environment. Enable your employees to leverage time savings and order fulfilment in order to meet deadlines. The Amazon integration to OMS seeks out and delivers orders directly to your order processing hands free and on a frequency you set. Empower the strengths and wisely use available resources in the most efficient manner. Increase your business value through product quality and company reputation, and execute your strategy while maintaining an efficient and cost-effective organization. Be a modern distributor...Grow your business with OMS!

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