EDI System Module

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Streamlined Order Processing. Automated EDI. Be Integrated. The OMS/SPS Commerce Solution

Many manufacturer/wholesale/retail distributors implement OMS software in an effort to improve organizational effectiveness by gaining greater visibility and control across business processes, making sure that the right people have the right data to make smarter decisions drives higher margins and improved cash flow -- directly benefiting the bottom line.

Almost all OMS customers have tended to focus on reducing operational costs, and therefore believe, that they’re already achieving maximum business benefits across their document-driven processes. In fact, stream-lining document-intensive processes can have an even stronger impact on building top-line revenue potential.

A prime example of a customer-facing, document-intensive supply chain process that directly impacts revenues is integrating electronic document interchange (EDI) it simply makes it more efficient and reduces cost.

OMS has the potential to add significant business value when EDI is integrated with the OMS EDI System Module. When these two key areas are in sync, your business gets even greater supply chain visibility and a host of related benefits. For example, integrating EDI with OMS can help you process orders faster, reduce lead time, accelerate the orders-to-cash cycle, and facilitate on-boarding new EDI-enabled customers.

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These benefits can, in turn, drive more efficient and effective customer service, leading to improved customer satisfaction and ultimately higher revenues. The OMS EDI System Module acts as a gateway together with SPS Commerce, through which you exchange business-critical information with your trading partners. Because, when you use the OMS EDI Sysyem Module it operates efficiently alongside OMS, so you can answer customer questions and resolve order processing or billing discrepancies quickly and accurately. You also eliminate paper-based activities for customers as well as in-house. When you can share more information more responsively and transparetnly, you help reduce their procurement costs and streamline the buying process – which differentiates your business from competitors.

Integrating EDI and ERP can also greatly reduce manual effort, boost productivity across the fulfillment process, and enhance data quality. These improvements lay a foundation for superior business agility and a smooth ramp-up to higher sales volumes.