Integrated Accounting

Accounting Software for Your Distribution Business

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Gathering all of your financial information in OMS has never been easier with the accounting software solution. Whether your business is established or new, OMS's accounting software solution can be up running easily and quickly, helping you make more informed buying and selling decisions, improve customer service, save money, and ensure profitability into the future.

General Ledger

The center of your accounting system, OMS's General Ledger provides powerful divisional and departmental accounting functions. Maintain your journal, log journal entries, generate audit trails, and create financial statements. With General Ledger at the center of your financial system, you can:
  • Print financial statements and other reports for all of the years for which you’ve saved history.
  • Use unlimited budgets and forecasts for inquiry and reporting; create revised budgets and forecasts at any time.
  • Produce performa Balance Sheets and Income Statements prior to month-end close
  • View expenses and income by category, and then compare them to your budget, prior periods, and past year results
  • Audit Trail monitors business activity to help you find errors
  • Keep multiple periods open during transaction entry and posting functions.
With the OMS general ledger accounting you can decrease the amount of time you spend on arduous accounting tasks while boosting control of your company’s financials. Entries from receivables, payables, cash transactions, bank reconciliations easily flow into general ledger, giving you timely financial information essential to your decision making. You can stay up to date on receivables, payables, budget information, and transaction history throughout your system.

Accounts Receivable

The OMS Accounts Receivable Module

Helps you manage credit and collections tasks with less strain on your employees. You can track every aspect of your sales and receivables in a timely manner, and use this vital management information to improve the inflow of cash and make the most of sales trends. You’ll be able to assess your sales position by producing timely reports; identify your best customers and stay on top of sales patterns; evaluate your cash discounts and spot delinquent accounts early. Calculate sales rep commisions, issue sales rep commission statments and even generate AP transactions for payment.

Entry is efficient and flexible with easy-to-use integrated transactions entry functions. You’ll also save time with online invoicing and ready access to associated information. The OMS Accounts Receivable Module gives you the flexibility to deliver invoices, statements, and billings by email or printed document based on the preference of each customer. And, if your customers call with questions on their account, you’ll be ready to help out using quick lookups filtered by customer or transaction criteria.

Accounts Payable

The OMS Accounts Payable Module, lets you prioritize, in real-time, your vendor payments and decide the best time to make them. Optimize your cash flow disbursements by getting the information you need on vendors you use the most and who offer the best discounts; manage your expenses efficiently and keep your accounts up to date with user-defined terms, aging periods, and cutoff dates; produce timely reports to help assess your financial position.

You’ll save time and money with the ability to review outstanding payments by vendor and select which payments to hold or release. Take control of your invoice processing and pay all invoices, prepay invoices, or split invoices for payment. View historical data for an unlimited time period in detail or in summary, and view and select payables to be released for payment. Generate checks from your choice of bank accounts.

Bank Reconciliation

With the OMS Bank Reconciliation Module, you’ll know which checks have cleared, which transactions are outstanding, which bank accounts contain what amounts, and exactly where your money is. Find errors and reconcile differences. The OMS bank reconciliation module is fast and simple. You can clear transactions with a single mouse click: line by line, by a specific range of checks, or all at once. If you make a mistake, reversing a selection is just as easy. OMS gives you the accurate information you need to make the most of your cash. Using multiple bank accounts for Accounts Receivable/Sales Order deposits and Accounts Payable/Purchase Order and Commisssion checks gives you the flexibility to receive money and to disburse money from different accounts.