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The role of the accountant is changing in ways that mirror those of the broader finance function. The increased involvement in strategic support is raising the accountant’s profile introducing concerns around how finance areas will support demand to meet a wider set of expectations. This is in addition to an already complex finance function fuelled by changing regulations, budget and resource constraints and plans for enterprise expansion.

OMS ERP delivers improved business results while optimizing financial processes. Our ERP offers the functionality your enterprise needs to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and get more done by eliminating time-consuming, error-prone manual processes and point solutions by automating and streamlining day-to-day accounting and financial operations.

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Focus on compliance and ensure controls are in place, and stay compliant with changes with automatic built-in capabilities.


Focus on accounting operations, from transaction processing through financial close and reporting. Streamline and automate day-to-day accounting and financial operations eliminating slow, error-prone manual processes.


Tell the business story in numbers using variance analysis, KPI's, custom reports using real-time data and information that helps management make better decisions.



Use our OMS ERP as a single version of the truth across the entire organization offers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting audit and reporting requirements.


Transform inefficient manual and paper-based processes into streamlined workflows with end-to-end support for order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes with our OMS ERP.


Use our OMS ERP to accelerate financial close by up to 50 percent and improve revenue recognition processes

Enterprise Solution


E-commerce has been the focal point of technology discussions in the business world for many years, but that is changing. The ubiquitous influence of technology today has caused e-commerce to morph into digital commerce—which refers to more than a transaction, but a way of doing business.


Integrating EDI and ERP can also greatly reduce manual effort, boost productivity across the fulfillment process, and enhance data quality. These improvements lay a foundation for superior business agility and a smooth ramp-up to higher sales volumes.

Warehouse Management System

In today’s competitive market, you need a warehouse management system. Our WMS system can efficiently organize your workflow to help you to optimize peak performance. Our warehouse management system provides structure for you warehouse layout and operational workflows. WMS helps achieve a higher level of accuracy of inventory control and improved order processing.

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